Road Safety Markings Association

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The RSMA in the largest speciaist trade association in the highways sector, and aims to drive forward standards of Quality, Health and Safety, Envorinment and Training in support of its members. The Association focuses on developing a commercial base that leads and responds to changes faced by member companies.

The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) represents and supports its members and the industry as a whole, providing a base for discussion, training and standards that help to ensure the health and safety of operators and to develop a highly trained, fully-qualified workforce

The organisation has been established for over thirty years, promoting the industry as a whole and the collective interests of its members. About 90% of companies involved in the road marking industry are represented, ranging from the smallest to the largest organisations, throughout the country

The RSMA's team of dedicated professionals is here to support its members.

The Association launched the Road Safety Surfacing Association in 2012 which is a group of highways expert companies which are specialists in developing, testing and installing road safety surfaces. It brings together the knowledge and expertise of the industry and promotes improved road safety through the appropriate use of road safety surfaces and other road planning and design methods.

The Association is part of the Road Safety Markings Association which actively campaigns at UK parliament, through the media and jointly with other road safety organisations, for improved road safety in the UK.

It is also a supporting member of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.

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Delta LTL-XL Retroreflectometer

The professional choice for measuring the retroreflectivity of road markings

LTL-XL & LTL-X instruments LTL-XL and LTL-X are robust, long lasting and advanced instruments designed for professionals using the latest developments in light and sensor technology. Using DELTA’s gradient index technology and patented optical system, the instruments can measure all types of flat and profiled markings. The sensor response, combining the CIE eye response and the CIE illuminant A, meets both CEN and ASTM requirements for profile capacity and colour.

Delta LTL-M Retroreflectometer

DELTA's LTL-M Mobile Retroreflectometer takes the performance of mobile measurement of retroreflection of road markings to a higher level. LTL-M is based on a patent-pending technology making use of a DELTA developed flash system, digital camera technology and distance triangulation. LTL-M offers accuracy in line with handheld instruments under all driving conditions including bumpy roads and curves.

LTL-M provides continuous measurement of night visibility at traffic speed in full length and width of road markings. Besides, LTL-M measures the daylight contrast, the width of markings and record the presence of RRPMs (road studs).

LTL-M can be used as a stand-alone unit easily mounted on a vehicle of your choice or can be integrated with existing mobile road measurement systems.

LTL-M is designed for easy on the spot calibration and maintenance with no or minimal downtime.

In other words, LTL-M offers the accuracy and reliability you are looking for with no need for control measurements.

Delta Retrosign GR3

RetroSign instruments are modern retroreflectometers for measuring retroreflection of road signs. The photometric filter in the RetroSign is the most accurate, sensitive and durable filter in the world. When combined with the point aperture geometry, laboratory precision readings for all colours and all types of retroreflective sheetings are ensured.

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